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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What is C Programming

What is C Programming?>??

  • Also known as software
  • List/sequence of instructions to computer
  • Consists of specific steps to be carried out by computer

   We can say that..Computer Programming is a series of instructions that tells a computer what to do and how to do it.

How its work??

    Instruct computer to do task or data processing
    to produce useful information.

That's the sample of c programming Code using Boorlan Turbo C++..

#include <stdio.h>//c proccessor

      int i,num;// int only use for integer value

main()//main body

{//program body
      printf("\n--------------------------------------------------------------------------------");//that's can be display a straight line
      printf("\n\n\t\t\t Create By     : Annonymous Hacker\n");//display name
      printf("\t\t\t Matric Number : SECRET007\n");//display matric num
      printf("\t\t\t Ic Number     : 851311-11-5510\n");//diplay ic num
      printf("\t\t\t Submit to     : sipolan bin sipolan\n");//display lecturer name 
      printf("\t\t\t Date          : 03/02/2012\n");//display date

      system("color 5E");//make a colour (5) is a background color and (E) is a font colour.. you can get a colour from the internet..
      printf("Enter the number which table is to be display : ");// ask user to add the number
      scanf("%d",&num);//read and display the num add by user.. %d is used to call int data type.&num is a int address that funtion to call num add by user.
      for(i=1; i<13; i++)//for...loop..i=13 and i start from 1.. so for..loop can repeat and display a data 12 times
      printf("\n%d * %d = %d",num,i,(num*i));//display a output result..
}//end of program body

Try this and learn something..enjoy this gracias...

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